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Claudia White


Professional Status

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About Me

Open to new Opportunities
Wanted: Long-term, Full-time position.


Medical Technologist -Generalist

William Bee Ririe Hospital Ely, Nv
Responsibilities completed
  • Accepted invitation to train with Laboratories at WilliamBeeRirie Hospital Ely, Nevada.
    Trained in all positions- Chemistry, Blood Bank, Hematology macro/micro, Toxicology, Urinalysis macro/micro & Coagulation.

Medical Laboratory Scientist

Blessing Hospital Quincy, I'll.
July 2017
Responsibilities completed
  • Traveler Medical Laboratory Scientist- 13 week assignment Med Technologist position at distinguished Hospital in Illinois.
  • Experienced in LIS: Mysis
  • Experience with Chemistry Analyzers

Medical Technologist Contract

Dr's Office Lab Idaho
July 2015
Responsibilities completed
  • Cover for Regular Lab Tech-1 week

Medical Technologist-Traveler

Fusion Staffing
May 2015 to June 2015
Responsibilities completed
  • 6-week assignment
  • finish other travelers contract

Medical Laboratory Technologist

Recovery Ways
November 2013 to August 2014
Responsibilities completed
  • LIS: Paracelsus
  • ThermoScientific™ Indiko™Plus Clinical and Specialty Chemistry Analyzer
  • Testing Clients for Drugs of Abuse and pharmaceutical compliance
  • Managing reagents and laboratory consumable

Medical Technologist-Toxicology

Omega Pain Clinic
September 2012 to May 2014
Responsibilities completed
  • Biolis24i Analyzer from Carolina Liquid Chemistries
    Maintained Calibration and Quality Control Data, troubleshooting and incidence
    Interpreted test results and reports for clinics providers (physician’s, PA's, RN's)
    Saved the Clinic the cost of Service Contract by performing all maintenance, daily, weekly, quarterly and part of annual.
    1099 Salary, >20 hours/week, No Benefits
  • Ensured compliance when testing clients’ urine for DOA's
  • Interpreted test results and reports for physicians, registered nurses, and physician’s assistants.
  • Successfully maintained the calibration and quality control data, incidence log and troubleshooting.
  • Utilized the Biolis24i Analyzer from Carolina Liquid Chemistry
  • Reduced service costs by performing all daily, weekly, quarterly and part of the annual maintenance.

Medical Technologist-Generalist

IHS Crow Agency Hospital
April 2012 to July 2012
Responsibilities completed
  • 13 week assignment through CompHealth.
  • Phlebotomy, Blood Gases, Blood Banking- Type and Cross. Emergency Release. Chemistry, Hematology, Coagulation, Urinalysis, Rapid Agglutination Tests, Microscopy.
  • LIS: RPMS ·Blood Bank- QC Tube Method ·ID-Micro Typing System™ (ID-MTS™) ·Type and Cross
  • Chemistry, Hematology, Coagulation, Urinalysis, Rapid Agglutination Tests, Microscopy
  • Peripheral Blood Smears, Wright Staining, Manual Differentials, Cell counts Hemocytometers
  • Analyzers: Dimension® ExL, i-STAT®, CELL-DYN Ruby by Abbott, Sysmex CA-500 Coagulation, Bayer Clinitek®
  • Assisted Supervisor in revising and developing new Standard Operating Procedures for Body Fluids including microscopic analysis of cells, microorganisms, cancerous, atypical and normal findings.

Medical Technologist

Recovery Ways
November 2013 to August 2014
Responsibilities completed
  • LIS Paracelsus
  • Data analysis, and release to reports in Paracelsus
  • Communicated remotely with Laboratory Management Consultants Hazard, Kentucky.
  • Sent all tested samples immediately via UPS to Millennium Laboratories, San Diego, California.
  • >32 hours/week with Benefits
  • Utilized ThermoScientific™ Indiko™Plus Clinical and Specialty Chemistry analyzer.
    Analyzed data; Managed reagents and lab consumables inventories.
    Verified and reported information in Paracelsus
  • Managed Inventory.

Medical Technologist/Generalist

Evanston Regional Hospital
November 2012 to July 2013
Responsibilities completed
  • Weekend Graveyard 3-12 hour shifts
    Responsibilities include running all aspects of the Laboratory
    Ordering tests in LIS, Phlebotomy, Specimen processing
    Hematology, Sysmex XS-1000i, Peripheral Blood Smears, Wright Staining, Manual Differentials
    Chemistry, Dimension® ExL, Coagulation Sysmex CA-500, Urinalysis Bayer Clinitek®, microscopy, Microbiology Setting Blood Culture Bottles, Gram Stain, MRSA Cultures
    Maintenance of all instrument in preparation for day , Quality Control, Calibration
  • >36 hours/week & Benefits
  • Maintained and ran all aspects of the laboratory to keep everything running properly.
  • Processed specimens, tests, and results to gain accurate results on patients’ conditions.
  • Served as the phlebotomist; managed the blood bank; performed daily quality control; typed and crossed specimens and identified antibodies; utilized the ID-Micro Typing System™ (ID-MTS™) System.
  • Blood cultures, MRSA cultures, urine cultures, blood smears, bodily fluids, hemocytometer cell counts,
  • microbiology gram stains, manual differentials, hematology, and CSF’s cytospins.

Lead Medical Technologist-Toxicology

Treatment Assessment & Screening Center of AZ
November 2011 to April 2012
Responsibilities completed
    Company Name :
  • Compiled daily data and documentation for litigation packets
  • Consistently less than 24 hour turnaround time-95% of daily specimens tested <24 hours
  • Learned the basis and history of testing urine for Drugs of Abuse by the Director of TASC.
  • Following established TASC.AZ protocols.
  • Validated non-seimen's reagents on AU-400e
  • Brought to fruition first TASC Lab in Utah
  • Following established TASCAZ protocols validated Beckman-Coulter AU400e for non seimen's reagents
  • Developed and authored Standard Operating Procedures
  • Communicated directly with Supervisor and Laboratory Director in Phoenix, AZ
  • Opened and Closed Laboratory
  • Laboratory consisted of myself and another tech. I basically did instrumentation and other tech did data entry, accessioning, and aliquotting.
  • Taught Skill and UnSkilled Staff about Laboratory Procedures.
  • There to answer technical questions.

Consultant QA/QC

2008 to 2018
Responsibilities completed
  • Flavors and Nutritional Supplements. QC/QA GC/MS tested Random Lot Shipments. QC/QA Raw Materials and Finished Flavors. Finished flavors tested against stock known flavors. Flavor formulation and GC/MS for duplication.

Medical Technologist-Traveler

Geisinger Wyoming Valley Medical Center
September 2011 to October 2011
Responsibilities completed
  • Accepted 6 month Hematology contract via Aureus Staffing
  • Sysmex Hematology line 4 analyzers, middle ware WAN, slides made for flags- wright stained
  • Microscopic Review of Hematology Slides
  • Coagulation

Medical Technologist-Generalist

Intermountain Medical Center STAT Lab
October 2008 to April 2011
Responsibilities completed
  • LIS Mysis. Instrument’s operated and maintained Beckman Coulter Lh750, STAGO, Vitros, Abbott I2000 and C8000
    Daily task Instrument maintenance, Quality Control, Calibration when necessary, Addition of reagents, Replenishing consumables
    Laboratory tests chemistry, hematology, coagulation and urinalysis used to aid Providers in the diagnosis, detection, treatment, and prevention of disease.
  • Rotated through Laboratory positions including Chemistry, Coagulation, Urinalysis Hematology/Body Fluids
  • 7on/7off, paid for 80 hours, accrued no time off, Benefits
Company Description

As a Level 1 Trauma Center, Intermountain Medical Center offers a full array of services, including heart, cancer, neurological, transplant, OB, critical care, wellness services, and more.

Company website

Laboratory Specialist/Certifying Scientist

Sports Medicine Research and Testing Laboratory
May 2005 to October 2008
Responsibilities completed
  • Key member of team that validated, developed and established SMRT Lab, which is one of only two World Anti-Doping Association Accredited Labs in the United States (+ISO A2LA Accredited).
  • Responsible for authoring the standard operating procedures required for use by all staff members.
  • Promoted to certifying scientist responsible for certifying other analyst’s chromatography and data packs.
  • Instrument’s: Immulite®2000, BD LSRII Flow Cytometer, Sysmex XS-1000i, Agilent HP6890 GC/MSD, GC/NPD, Agilent 1100 series HPLC connected to Applied Biosystems
  • QStar-XL tandem MS (Q-TOF), LC/MS, Thermo TSQ, and AutoLumat LB 953 Luminometer
  • Primary Technologist managing and over seeing immunoassay testing. First immunoassay used Immulite 2000 testing for hcG in Male athletes.
  • Selected to receive training by world renowned Dr. Martin Bidlingmaier of Endocrine Laboratories Medizinische Klinik – Innenstadt, Ludwig-Maximilians University Munich, Germany. Spent 5 days in Munich training.

    Brought the kit back to US, trained Labs R&D PhD on the procedure. Together we did in house validation, compiled the data, had it submitted to ISO and in less than 6 months were were the only Lab in the USA accredited to perform the assay on US Athletes.
  • Performed CMZ GH Isoform assay on random US Athletes pre=XXIX Olympiad, 2008 Beijing Games to detect human growth hormone doping.